Hello there!

I'm Larry Tian, a UX and Product Designer with 4 years of experience and a background in HCI research and data science. I recently graduated from the University of Washington's Master of Human-Computer Interaction + Design program.

Prior to the program, I partnered with companies like Computing ReApplied, Microsoft and Masterworks, experiencing the synergy of design, coding, and data in creating transformative products. Equipped with a broad skillset, I excel in handling uncertainties and am passionate about designing experiences that go beyond screens to meet real user needs.

How I design

The "principles" I use to guide my design decisions

There is no "perfect design"

Take an iterative approach to design, and sometimes that means to make informed decisions that are "good enough" to drive progress

There is no "perfect design"

Take an iterative approach to design, and sometimes that means to make informed decisions that are "good enough" to drive progress

Consider Alternatives

Evaluate alternatives by weighing their pros and cons, ensuring informed decisions that balance both business and design perspectives

Think outside the box

Leverage the 'what would _ do' method to fuel creativity, delve into diverse viewpoints, and discover unconventional design possibilities

Think outside the box

I like to use the 'what would ___ do' strategy to stimulate creative thinking and investigate design opportunities from various perspectives

Clear communication

Learn to prioritize tasks, communicate with clarity, and establish clear expectations when working with cross-functional teams

Other than being a designer

I am also…

an explorer

a coffee addict

a tennis player (newbie)


Experiences that shaped who I am


May 2019

Shifted away from my dream of becoming an aerospace engineer

After taking a year of physics classes at UW, I realized that my dreams were more "down-to-earth" than I thought…

Sep 2019

Discovered the field of HCI

I discovered the opportunity to solve real-world problems involving people I care about; it almost felt like love at first sight.



Sep 2020

Became a Teaching assistant lead in UX Design

I guided my students through the design process in the hopes of passing on some of that HCI magic to them :)

Oct 2020

First time winning a hackathon as the UX/UI design Lead

Pulling my first all-nighter and clinching a win against 200+ teams was definitely something I am proud of.



Jan 2021

Software Engineer Intern at Coachable

Coding is my secret weapon to evaluate the feasibility of my design and effectively communicate it with engineers.

Sep 2021

UX Design Lead for Microsoft-Sponsored Project

I teamed up with Microsoft employees to craft carbon-conscious cloud apps, my debut into impactful societal design.



Mar 2022

UX Design Lead for MasterWorks-sponsored project

I extracted key insights from internal interviews and took the lead in designing, front-end developing, and launching Masterwork's first internal client management tool.

Jun 2021 - Aug 2022

UX Designer at Computing ReApplied

Here, I shaped onboarding user flows, crafted data visuals, led the UX design system, and made decisions blending business and design insights.



Sep 2022

Expanding my thinking & design skillset at UW

I decided to join masters at UW to deepen my my HCI fundamentals and refine my design ethos. My goal is to become a critical thinker, emphasizing holistic experiences over mere screen interfaces.

Apr 2023

First time co-authoring a paper and winning CHI'23 Best Paper Award

This was a significant milestone in my HCI research career.



I am excited to see where this journey takes me!

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If you want to know more about me (or just want to say hi), feel free to shoot me an email (ganlintian@gmail.com) or message me on LinkedIn! :D